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Air freight forwarders in Pune refer to the transportation of goods and products via aircraft. However, there are various air freight modes, including utilizing passenger aircraft, the cargo hold of a passenger aircraft, or dedicated commercial cargo aircraft. The process begins at the airline terminal, where the chosen air freight company receives and prepares the cargo before loading it onto the aircraft. Besides, commercial cargo represents a distinct service from passenger airline cargo. Therefore, to know more in detail, you need to read further to intensify your knowledge. 

How Long Does Air Freight Transportation Take?

The duration of air freight transportation varies based on the origin and destination of your goods. For urgent services, cross-country air freight can reach its destination within six to seven hours, whereas international shipping may require slightly more time. It is crucial to note that this timeframe only accounts for the actual air transportation, as additional time is needed for goods to be transported to and from the aircraft. Although international air cargo agents in Pune are renowned for their speed in exporting goods, unexpected disruptions or shutdowns can occasionally result in delays of up to a week or even longer before the goods reach their final destination.

Use Case For Air Freight

Although not all goods are suitable for air transportation, there are several scenarios where shipping by air freight is the most advantageous option. These situations include:

  • High-Value Or Expensive Goods

Air freight is ideal for transporting valuable items or those requiring stringent control and shorter transit times. By opting for air shipping, the percentage of the overall cost attributed to transportation decreases as the value of the goods increases.

  • Small-Sized Products

When dealing with smaller goods, air freight forwarders in Pune are more cost-effective than other modes of transportation.

  • Time-Sensitive Deliveries

If time is of the essence or you have a specific deadline, air freight is the preferred choice due to its consistent punctuality. Estimated arrival times for air cargo typically have minimal deviations, even in cases of delay. On the other hand, ocean shipments can experience prolonged stays at ports, with transportation to and from the port subject to potential delays lasting weeks.

  • Unsuitability For Ocean Conditions

For products vulnerable to the elements encountered during ocean transport, such as moisture-induced damage (e.g., cardboard absorbing moisture) or sensitivity to environmental factors (e.g., delicate electronics), shipping via air is a recommended option to ensure their safety.

Why Should You Choose Air Freight Service? 

The best logistics company in Pune enables same-day delivery across the country, ensuring prompt pickup upon booking and swift transportation on the next available flight to the intended destination.

  • Enhanced Punctuality

Air freight shipments offer precise timing options, allowing you to specify pickup and delivery times. This advantage sets it apart from ground freight, which typically operates within pickup and delivery windows.

  • Enhanced Security

Air freight provides a heightened level of security compared to ground transportation. Ground trucks make multiple stops during transit, increasing the vulnerability of shipments. In contrast, airports maintain a superior level of security, and air freight involves fewer stops as planes travel non-stop from origin to destination.

  • Global Trade Facilitation

Air freight forwarders in Pune enable smaller and mid-size companies to engage in international trade, granting them the ability to compete on a larger scale while benefiting from expedited shipping.

  • Advanced Tracking Capabilities

Combining robust security measures and direct transportation from point A to point B makes tracking air cargo significantly easier. Furthermore, air delivery schedules are highly accurate, and flights are regulated, resulting in reliable, on-time performance.

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