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On a global level, the air cargo market is preferable for transporting high-value goods and materials. The international air cargo agents in Chandigarh are the practical option for transporting goods in all shapes and sizes. The air cargo’s biggest advantage is speed which can be as fast as same-day delivery. This mode of transportation is known for the fastest shipping with the security and reliability factor. The logistics services are responsible for providing air-to-air service along with road freight and ocean foreign service as well. It offers global delivery to door-to-door air freight services with highly monitored tracking that allows it to keep track of the cargo till it gets delivered. 

An air cargo service agent is responsible for ensuring that the cargo is safely and efficiently delivered via air transport. The service provider will coordinate the completion of the process. From loading to unloading the cargo with the correct documentation and location, all are followed under the services of the air freight forwarders in Chandigarh. 

What Types Of Cargo Are Transported By Air Freight Forwarders In Chandigarh ?

The two main factors influencing the choice of air transport are the value of the commodities and the speed with which the product should be transported. There are mainly two groups of cargo, the first one is general cargo, and the other one is special cargo. The general cargo is the items that are not handled with extra precaution during air transport. The general goods items include retail and consumer goods, dry goods, hardware, textiles, etc. Everyday objects fall into this category. 

In contrast, the special cargo is the materials where handling gets complex while transporting procedure. The special groups are divided according to their weight, size, dimensions, and value. The specific requirement is needed for special goods, such as packaging, labeling, documentation, and precautionary handling. The transport of the special cargo is addressed through specific rules that must be followed in all the stages of transportation, from preparing, offering, accepting, and handling. The logistics companies in Chandigarh have divided the special cargo into subgroups. We will take a much closer look at the further blog. 

  • Dangerous Goods 

Dangerous goods are very risky to transport, and it is under the standard regulation of dangerous goods. The regulations provide everything needed to classify, prepare, accept, and handle dangerous goods shipments in compliance with international regulations of air transportation. Every detail is measured by the civil aviation authority then only the goods can be transported. There are specific requirements that need to be followed no matter what the category of the goods. 

  • Limitation Of Dangerous Goods 

When considering the limitation of a dangerous good, the civil aviation authority never allows any substance ship that is likely to explode or dangerously react, resulting in a dangerous emission of toxic flame and heat. The corrosive or flammable gasses must not be carried out in the aircraft under any such condition. 

  • Classification Of Dangerous Goods 
  1. Explosives
  2. Gasses
  3. Flammable Liquids
  4. Flammable solids like substances liable to spontaneous combustion, a substance which is emitted in contact with water
  5. Oxidizing Substance and Organic Peroxides 
  6. Toxic and Infectious Substances 
  7. Radioactive material 
  8. Corrosives
  9. Miscellaneous and dangerous substances
  • Temperature Controlled Goods 

When shipping temperature-controlled goods, it is crucial to follow all the documentation and regulatory processes. The information related to the shipper and consignee with phone numbers is followed under the process. 

  • Limitation Of Temperature-Controlled Goods 

Some commodities such as pharmaceuticals, blood supplies, organs, and other life sciences products are transported under temperature-controlled goods. They need specific room temperature to be safely and securely delivered. Specific controls on the temperature are exposed during transportation. The international air cargo agents in Chandigarh ensure that no matter what controlled goods you ship, they will be delivered successfully. 

  • Classification Of Temperature-Controlled Goods 

Before a carrier can accept time and temperature, there are the commodity details that need to be known by the shipper for temperature-controlled goods. 

  1. Content of the time and temperature goods
  2. Types of packaging 
  3. Flight schedule and routing 
  4. Aircraft type and service offered 
  5. Environmental conditions 
  6. Availability of temperature control during all the stages
  7. Emergency service 
  8. International regulation 
  • Perishable Goods 

The popular demand for fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world. The transportation of perishable goods is preferred due to the speed and fast delivery and controlled temperature shipping.  

  • Limitation Of Perishable Goods 

A few basic limitations of perishable goods need to be followed through the process of transportation. To shield the perishable goods from getting damaged and spoiled. It ensures the packaging containers are effortlessly maintained with the regulations. It is additionally ensuring the perishables logistics flow effortlessly step-by-step and minimizes claims.

  • Classification Of Perishable Goods 
  1. Fresh Fruits
  2. Flowers
  3. Meat
  4. Seafood
  5. Temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals 

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