When one thinks of freight services, three factors play an important role. These include cost, the weight of the shipment, and time. Currently, air and sea freight services are the two top choices for the movement of shipment from one place to the other.

Notwithstanding the popularity and availability of these freight services, there are some obvious differences between both. When you take the pros and cons of both into consideration, the aerial route may seem like the best option for you on a pen and paper.

It doesn’t minimize the popularity of ocean freight service, though. There are some other ways in which ocean freight services can give a run for the money.

This post will underline the differences between these services.

Ocean freight vs. air freight: speed

From the standpoint of speed, there is hardly any mode of transport that beats the one that involves the aerial route.

Though inclement weather conditions may impact the speed of an airplane, more often than not, such situations arise once in a blue moon. Thus, air freight has an edge over ocean freight.

Ocean freight vs. air freight: cost

Cost is a major factor that influences the decisions of consumers in using international cargo services. Being faster than ocean freight, air freight services are more expensive in comparison to ocean freight services.

Providers for both services charge their clients in different ways. While the providers of air freight services charge their customers in terms of the weight of a shipment, companies that provide ocean freight services charge their customers in terms of the weight of the containers.

Ocean freight vs. air freight: value for money

The users of freight services have different ways of assessing the value of both services. Generally, air freight services are immune to piracy. As such, it is likely to provide good value for money.

However, one also needs to consider the weight of a shipment that can be moved to another place. In this connection, ocean freight service fares better than air freight as it enables one to move a shipment of a greater weight in a container at a lesser price. This way, ocean freight also proves its worth.

So, at the end of the day, it can be safely said that the comparison goes either way.  As far as the value of both the services is concerned, a lot depends on the definition of value as designated by a user.

Ocean freight vs. air freight: environment-friendliness

Air freight involves carbon emissions. On the other hand, ocean freight shows a lower carbon footprint. Therefore, between the ocean and air cargo services, ocean freight is more friendly to the environment.

Choose your preferred cargo service based on your requirements

When you take a closer look at the differences between both international air and sea freight services, one thing that stands out is the share of pluses and minuses of both services. Aligning your needs with both the services will help you choose the right option.

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